How to Submit

Submit a Dataset

A dataset contribution should describe the data, provide a link to a web-based endpoint where the data can be found, and suggest at least one tags for the dataset. Our current schema is designed to be compatible with Project Open Data version 1.1, Project Open Data version 1.0, Data Catalog Vocabulary (DCAT), and CKAN. is starting with two content types: datasets and recipes. We may expand to include additional resources types based on demand.

Our goal is to make it easy for users to search for data by keyword or by tag. Would-be contributors are encouraged to submit either. A name and email address are required. We hope to expand to accept Twitter or Githuib credentials in lieu of this information.

Submit a Recipe

A recipe should also include a description, tags, and a link. The link to lead to a code snippet on a publicly available endpoint, such as Gist or JSfiddle. Code should not be pasted into the submission description. One of your tags should indicate the programming language of the snippet.